Cardboard Boat Races!!!

With summer just around the corner keep in mind all the fun things that will be going on, your not going to want to miss out, so come be a part of a wonderfully fun and exciting day! July 19th 2015, the White Lake Inn will be hosting a truly fun “fun”-draiser for the fight against cancer! The Cardboard Boat Races! This event will be creative, funny and have great team building skills that are involved. Not only are we encouraging schools, boy scouts/ girl scouts, and sports teams to join the fun, but also local businesses. This is not only helping the fight against cancer but brings people together, focuses on team building and fun. This day will be packed with crazy boat designs and crazy dressed paddlers, (though costumes are not required, just add to the fun!)

You can find more information about how to join and the rules / requirements involved, by going to this website …

We truly hope you will join us on this awesome fun filled day, in the fight against cancer!

cardbaord boat

cardbaord boat





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