Are you smarter than Oakland County lakefront Realtors? Then don’t hire one!!!

I had a tough week with an Oakland County lakefront  home seller.  He was an arrogant man that thought he knew it all.  Let’s call this guy Stevie.  He thought he was smarter than most of us Oakland County lakefront realtors.  This applies to all lakes including Dunleavy Lake in Oakland County Highland MI and Eagle Lake in Oakland County Michigan.  It is so important to look at the recent sold homes on the lakes and not to just pull a number out of the air

Lake house on Eagle Lake in Waterford MI

Lake house on Eagle Lake in Waterford MI

He had his house up all last year for let’s say $449,000.  The house sat on the market all last year and did not sell because it was too high priced for the condition it was in.  Well I met with him in the winter and Oakland County Lakefront home prices have gone up since last year.

I told him that I thought we should start the price lower.  $20,000 lower.  But Stevie was smarter than me and the last realtor.  He decided that he wanted to list it again for the same price as last year.  Now I want all of you Oakland County lakefront owners to realize that if it did not sell for a price last year you should start it a little lower even though the market is hot.

I based my opinion of where to start Stevie’s home at on recent sold prices on lakefront homes like his.  But Stevie was adamant about pricing it higher.  We agreed that it needed a kitchen.  We agreed that we would either lower the price or put a reasonable nice kitchen in if it didn’t sell in a couple of months.


Update to a nicer kitchen

Well Stevie has had a couple of semi- interested buyers but this lake home was priced too high to get them to offer anything.  When I would suggest to Stevie to lower the price or put the kitchen in it was “NO”.  We have had 13 showings in 2 months but no offers.  That is not including all of last year.

Stevie is smarter than us Oakland County lakefront realtors and is looking for that one fish that is stupid enough to over pay for a house that needs updating.  Stevie has already missed those buyers that have had shown up in the first few weeks.  Now he is getting the casual buyer.  So Stevie has missed many opportunities to sell his lakefront home.  Yes I feel sorry that he bought in the 2000’s at the higher prices.  But you are not going to get those prices.

So Stevie is paying insurance, taxes, utilities, and maintenance for a house to sit for a year.  He is smarter than me so it was best we part ways.  Who knows whether he will put it up for sale by owner or not.

But the moral of the story is if your house didn’t sell last year you have to make adjustments to get it to sell.  You must update or improve the condition if you want the same price or you have to lower the price.  That’s not rocket science.  Especially if you put it back on the market and it doesn’t sell in a hot market in 2 months.  Something is wrong and only you the seller can make the decision if you really want to sell the house.   Here are two more articles on Home selling What to do before listing your lake house and Orchard Lake home selling costs – how to estimate costs

What type of lake are you looking for in the Metro area?  Is your family active?  Do you have grandkids that you want to swim out in front of your

Lake house on Charlick Lake in Highland MI

Lake house on Charlick Lake in Highland MI

cottage with?  It is important that your realtor know what type of lake you want.  Charlick Lake Waterfront Properties in Highland MI and Clam Lake in Waterford Township are small lakes that are better for nature watching, swimming and kayaking.  If you are looking for a bigger lake that you can do watersports on then maybe you should look for  Foreclosures on Commerce Lake Michigan.  The size of the lake does matter if you actively waterski, wakeboard, or knee board.  A small lake is better suited for occasionally taking the kids out on.  Lakefront Homes for Sale on Clark Lake in Commerce Township Michigan are going to be on a smaller lake.

Are you looking for a great lake house or maybe just a weekend get away.  Join my VIP Lake club and get the best lake deals emailed to you!  We also offer a little benefit to any home buyer in Metro Detroit that buys with us as your realtor.

Michigan buyer bonus

Michigan buyer bonus

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