Ah the sign of winter – Union Lake West Bloomfield Michigan

I was driving by Union Lake West Bloomfield Michigan and I say three ice fishermen setting up their ice fishing holes.  I thought to myself Ahhh the sign of winter when ice fishermen can get back out on the ice.  It is a favorite past time of my cousin.  He loves sitting in his shanty waiting for the fish to bite.  There will be ice fishermen on all the lakes sometime this winter.  It doesn’t matter if it is Tomahawk Lake in Highland MI or Tommy’s Lake in Orion MI.  We are a hardy lot here in Michigan.  There will be a fishermen drilling a hole through a lake near you.


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Union Lake West Bloomfield

Union Lake West Bloomfield

Soon the ice will be thick enough to take snowmobiles and quads out there.  Then you will see the ice fishermen all over the lake instead of just close to the DNR Access on Union Lake.   It was a balmy 8 degrees but these guys were dressed for the weather.

Union Lake fishing West Bloomfield Michigan

Union Lake fishing West Bloomfield Michigan

If you are going out on the ice be sure to dress warm.  Remember to have your fishing license with you as DNR does come by, sometimes even on the small lakes.  Please when it gets warm do not push your luck.  There are too many ice fishermen drowning deaths.  So be safe.

Ice Fishing Oakland County Lakes Michigan

Ice Fishing Oakland County Lakes Michigan

The DNR access on Union Lake is on the west side of lake off Union Lake Rd.   The lake access is on the north side of the lake near the Dairy Queen.  If you are looking to sell a lake house in Oakland County soon here are a few lake home selling tips: Highland lake home & real estate selling tips.  Maybe you hate ice fishing and the cold and would prefer to be cuddled up by the fireplace in your own neighborhood.  Some people do not want to live on a lake.  They are perfectly happy living in a subdivision so here is a link to foreclosures in Highland Michigan.

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If you have the dream of living on the lake then maybe a Foreclosed homes on Grass Lake in Michigan may be for you.  Grass Lake is one of the smaller all sports lakes in the area that is just north of M-59.  It is a private lake in White Lake Township.  There are many Grass Lakes in Michigan.  I believe there is another one near Jackson too.  Or you can view Green Lake Homes for Sale or Greens Lake Lakefront foreclosures.  They are different lakes in different areas of Oakland County.

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