Adorable Home for sale in Livonia Mi

An adorable Home for Sale in Livonia Mi, here, right before your eyes, take a look!!!

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words and i have 5! Here is a home that’s for sale in Livonia mi, its cute, quaint, cozy, affordable! surprisingly spacious for its actual size, nicely painted, well kept, clean! and has an abundance of storage space. with this home you have soo many different features that you need when you shopping for homes within this budget…. and if you ask me this home doesn’t look like it would be as affordable as it is! there’s a fun and exciting fire work show in the summer you can watch from your front yard. a relaxing hot tub on the back deck, thoughtful and flourishing landscaping done ever so sweetly. a cozy living room perfect for late movies and  warm blanket! this home is perfect for all stages of life. may that be first home  buyers, retirement home buyers, investment property buyers, cottage buyers, where ever you fall on the spectrum this house is perfect for you! so before you leave this page make sure you write down this number (248)310-6239 or this email: and ask for Russ Ravary.

snow blower

OH  i almost forgot to mention, when you buy and close on a home with Russ Ravary as your realtor, you will receive one of five different gift options up to $500 in value. this could be a smoker, a grill, a kayak, or with these unpredictable Michigan winters.. a snowblower might be just what you need! so like i said make sure if you pick up the phone to dial that number and ask for Russ Ravary!!!







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