4 ways to be happy – the Winter Blues

If you are like me sometimes these dreary grey days in January and February can be depressing.  My body is aching for sun.  Day after day of grey skies can sometimes get you down.  So how do you get out of the doldrums?.  How do you get away from just wanting to curl up and sleep.  Here are 4 ways to be happy and chase away the winter blues.  You may be snowed in your Lakefront home in Oakland County Michigan.  So here are some fun tips.

1.)  Plan something special treat yourself.  Do not do it as an impulse.  Plan it out two weeks in advance.  Do you need a new purse?  a new TV?  A new couch?  A new tool?  Plan two weeks from now to reward yourself.  Put a smile on your face and reward yourself.

1.)   Do a weekend getaway.  How about a trip to Chicago, or New York?  or Toronto?  How about a romantic get away for you and your loved one.  There are lots of great B&B.  How about a mini ski vacation.  Or just a weekend to a nice hotel with a pool.  You could go to Webers, Frankenmuth, or any place that has a Holiday Inn..

Russ Ravary in Italy 2004

Russ Ravary in Italy 2004

2.)  Do a good deed.  You can do something as simple as helping an older person with their groceries.  Make a meal for a sick friend.    Help out at the local soup kitchen.  Or you can join a group doing volunteer work.  The good deed you do can never be taken away  from you.  You have done something nice for somebody else.  You know you did it, nobody else even has to know.  Be proud of yourself that you made the world a little better place right here from Southeastern Michigan.

3.)  Sing a  up lifting song, laugh, or smile.  It is hard to be in a bad mood when you sing a song.  Think of a song that you sing with friends.  Sing a song about love to the love in your life.    You may be a horrible singer like me, but they still like that you show you care and that you love them.   It is hard to be in a bad mood when you laugh or smile. Read some jokes, or funny stories on the internet.  Think of something that makes you happy.

I hope you enjoyed my 4 ways to be happy- beat the winter blues.  Have a great weekend.               Russ Ravary – Your lakes area realtor


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Selling your lake home in the winter is sometimes tougher because of the snow, ice and dreary weather.  Here are some Oakland County lake winter home selling articles to help you get your home sold quicker no matter what the season.  How to invest in Michigan lake homes is another article to help guide you in making good decisions when you want to invest in lake real estate to make money.

Here are five different lake links in terms of what I feel is home prices and desirability. Some are very close are which lakes are a little pricier and that the buyers really want.

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  5. Lake Angelus, Lake Angelus Michigan

Lake Angelus in Oakland County has quite a few luxury lakefront estates.  I know a builder that has built several lakefront homes that ranged over 3 million dollars on Lake Angelus.  Wing Lake is very close in high end homes.  West Bloomfield’s excellent school and central location makes Wing Lake waterfront properties very desirable.  If you want a lake that has a very active lake association that provides lake activities for all the residents.  Whether you want an active lake association or a place to relax by yourself there is so many different lakes to chose from in the Metro Detroit area.



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