Should I get an appraisal before I list my Oakland County Lake home?

Getting the right listing price for your lake home in Oakland County is very important.  If you list it too high your lake house will just sit, and then you will have to lower the price missing out on the best buyers.  So you want to know what is the right list price.  Once in a […]

Being a smart Michigan lake home buyer – location, location, location

The goal is to be a smart Michigan lake home buyer and it is all about the location.  In real estate we say location, location, location.  What that means is that where a home is what determines the value.  You can have 2 exact homes.  One in Birmingham and one in Inkster and you can […]

What lakes in Oakland County have Slalom Water Ski courses

What lakes in Oakland County have Slalom Water-ski courses on them?   I did some research a year or two ago on which lakes in Oakland County have slalom water-ski courses on them.  If you did not know you cannot just put up a water-ski course on a lake in Michigan.  You have to apply […]

3 best all sports lakes in West Bloomfield Michigan

Let’s talk about 3 best all sports lakes in West Bloomfield.   Orchard Lake, Upper Straits Lake, and Pine Lake.  Most of Orchard Lake lies in Orchard Lake Village, but some of it does lie in West Bloomfield MI.  Remember what is the “best” all sports lake in West Bloomfield Michigan is just a matter of opinion.  […]

Lake home inspections – Lake home buyer tips

Lake home inspections can be tricky business for several reasons.  One is that many lakefront homes in Oakland County are older homes.  Homes that were built before today’s tougher building codes.  Some waterfront properties in Oakland County have been added onto multiple times with no real thought to the way it should be done.  Sometimes […]

Lake homes on West Bloomfield & Bloomfield Lakes – Wing Lake & Pine Lake

I wanted to share with you 2 videos on Lake homes on West Bloomfield Lakes & Bloomfield Lakes – Wing Lake and Pine Lake in West Bloomfield in Oakland County Michigan MI.  Pine Lake in West Bloomfield is one of the premier lakes in the area.  I would label the lake as “upper end lake”  with […]

Will offering a bonus sell my Waterford lake home quicker?

Does it work?  Will offering a bonus sell my Waterford lake home quicker?  Sellers want top dollar and to sell their lakefront homes quickly.  So would a bonus to a real estate agent get them to sell your waterfront home for you quicker?  Or would offering a bonus to the home buyer work better?  After all my goal […]

2 All sports lakes in Waterford Michigan

  Have you been thinking about buying a waterfront home on an all sports lake in Waterford Michigan?   Today I have for you 2 videos on a couple of nice lakes in Waterford.    The videos are about the lakes and waterfront properties on Watkins Lake in Waterford and the second one about lake houses on Williams […]

2 all sports lakes in Livingston County -Zukey Lake homes & Lake Chemung waterfront properties

Let’s talk about some of the best all sports lakes in Livingston County Michigan.  I have done two short videos on Zukey Lake homes in Hamburg Michigan and Lake Chemung waterfront properties in Howell Michigan.  Both of these all sports lakes are big enough to enjoy any type of water sports that you want.  I […]

2017 Cardboard Boat Races!!!

Save The Date!!! Cardboard Boat Races Mark your calendars Saturday, July 15th 2017   Get ahead of the game this year! Start to collect materials, sketch your design, and strategize how you’re going to win! We’ve had an amazing turn out the last few years, and can’t wait to see what creative designs you’ll come […]

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