4 ways to be happy – the Winter Blues

If you are like me sometimes these dreary grey days in January and February can be depressing.  My body is aching for sun.  Day after day of grey skies can sometimes get you down.  So how do you get out of the doldrums?.  How do you get away from just wanting to curl up and […]

Bogie Lake front homes White Lake Township Michigan

Looking for a quiet Southeastern Michigan lake?  Then a Bogie lake front home in White Lake Township Michigan may be the lake for you.  Bogie Lake is a quiet lake because there are no gas powered boats allowed on the lake.  Bogie Lake is a private 50 acre lake.  Only electric motors are allowed.  Many people […]

Danger on Oakland County Lakes

Ok all you hard nosed ice fishermen it is going to be a little dangerous on Oakland County lakes again.  We have had rain and then three days of 40 and 50 degree weather.  The ice on Oakland County Lakes has gotten thinner.  I was on White Lake in White Lake Township this weekend.  There […]

How much earnest money do you put down? – Waterford Lake home buying tips

One of the questions Waterford lake home buyers ask me is how much earnest money do you put down?  When you write your earnest money check you want to show the seller that you are serious about buying their house.  If it is a $400,000 house you do not want to write a $500 check.  […]

Ah the sign of winter – Union Lake West Bloomfield Michigan

I was driving by Union Lake West Bloomfield Michigan and I say three ice fishermen setting up their ice fishing holes.  I thought to myself Ahhh the sign of winter when ice fishermen can get back out on the ice.  It is a favorite past time of my cousin.  He loves sitting in his shanty […]

Lakefront homes for sale Commerce Michigan

Have you been looking for a lakefront home for sale in Commerce Michigan?  Currently there are 15 lakefront homes for sale in Commerce Michigan.  They have been on the market an average of  300 days.  The first two lakefront homes on the list are lease homes.   When you look at the list below you will see that these Commerce […]

Staying warm & keeping them inside – Lake Home selling tips

We have hit a major cold spell here in the Metro Detroit area.  We have not had this type of cold  for a couple of years.  Many metro Detroit home buyers are staying inside.  So Metro Detroit lake home sales are down.  So how do we combat this slow down if you have your lake […]

Should you sell your White Lake front home now

I am just starting to receive calls about selling your White Lake front home now.  Many lakefront home owners in White Lake Township wonder whether it is the right time to sell their home in the winter months.  I believe the best time to sell your lakefront home in White Lake is in the spring […]

Lakefront home buying tips – Oakland County MI lakefront real estate

My name is Russ Ravary and I am a Southeastern Michigan realtor that helps buyers and sellers in our lakes area.  Here is another installment of my lakefront home buying tips.  Deciding on Oakland County MI lakefront real estate can be a daunting task because of the many different lakes.  There is one real estate […]

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